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Home studies

WatchPAT 200 / Ares Unicorder

These home sleep study units are FDA-approved diagnostic devices for the detection of sleep apnea. Ares/WatchPAT tests are done in the comfort of your own home. Ares/WatchPAT studies have been validated against in-lab polysomnography.


Suggested patient selection:

  • Any level of of sleep disordered breathing severity in accordance with AASM practice guidelines
  • Replacement for an existing mechanically adjusted device, duplicating the proven treatment position


  • Full adjustability, including varying the vertical dimension
  • Enhanced tongue space
  • Poly-Urethane lining for dependably comfortable mandibular retention
  • Adjustments made by simply warming the inter-occlusal polymer
  • Quantifiable adjustment for predictably accurate, incremental repositioning
  • Joint stability for maximal effect on airway and minimized side-effects

The SomnoMed™ is a highly effective solution to the problem of snoring, and mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It is highly effective, with 83% reporting improvements in snoring and sleep quality. Highly compliant, with 86% reporting nightly use of the SomnoMed™. And highly accepted, with 95% of patients stating they would like to continue using it.

SMG is the industry leader in Dental Sleep Medicine for over the past decade. We are trained in all FDA-approved OSA / snoring oral appliances - these include: TAP, EMA, OASYS, Homeoblock and other common devices.


The latest research suggests that using auto-titrating (adjusting) CPAP at home instead of a laboratory can:

  • dramatically improve quality of care
  • improve efficacy of treatment and reduces barriers to care
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